Here is what clients are saying about Verve Leadership:

“Lauren is an incredible coach. She is warm, friendly and flexible with her time.  I never felt alone in the process of coaching and one of the reasons I chose to work with Lauren is her energy and presence by phone. Even now months after completing our coaching contract, I still think about our sessions and feel that a little bit of Lauren is with me every day.” -C.S., 40,  MBA Career Coach & Mother, Bloomington, IN

“When I first began working with Lauren, I was feeling undervalued and stuck. I wanted to explore making a professional shift, but wasn’t sure how to approach it.  I also didn’t want to go through the stress of a big change and ultimately end up in an equally frustrating position in a different organization. Lauren’s approach balanced exercises that made me think differently about what I was really looking for and practical advice for how to go get what I wanted.  It was a winning combination! Just a few months after working with Lauren, I was offered a position that provided everything I was looking for!” -M.H., 37, Labor Organizer & Mother of 2

“Thank you for your kind and genuine words of encouragement. I absolutely loved the exercise we did together. Its really opened my eyes to what I am putting out there and what my mind stops me from doing out of fear of others opinions.” -T.O, Direct Sales Manager, Volunteer & Mother of 3

“I am a life coaching newbie and an instant convert – Lauren’s approach is nuanced, probing, attentive, and focused. In a few short weeks, she has helped me to identify promising new directions in my career and home life. I am grateful for her guidance, professionalism, necessary tough love, and support. Lauren has more than proved her value as a confidant and counselor.” -JNC, 32, Architect and Mother of 2, Brooklyn, NY

“Working with Lauren over the last year has been an incredible journey that started out by identifying where I am, where I want to go and how to bridge the gap to get there. Now that I’ve started a new career that nicely fits with my skills, background and aspirations, my time with Lauren is focused on opportunities for development equally in my professional and personal life. Her constant support and encouragement have been and continue to be invaluable to me. She asks tough questions that help me to determine what I want to change and how to make it happen.” -LZS, 32, Project Manager and Mother of 2, Minneapolis, MN

“I totally love your website, I want to buy all the recommended books. I’m so proud of you!! I know you will go very far with this coaching. You have been such an amazing coach for me throughout the years!” – SP, 32, Analyst, Los Angeles, CA

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