Meaningful Me Time

It can be so hard to find a few precious moments of QUALITY down time these days. The Meaningful Me Time Moments weekly gatherings and The Meaningful Me Time half/full day Mini Retreats are right sized opportunities to connect with yourself, and connect with others, when you need it. Both events feature creative mindfulness activities, opportunities to reflect and process, and the chance to meet other like minded individuals.

Need a minute?

One delicious night a week, sneak away for a little fun with friends as we connect, create and calm. Each gathering features a conversation starter, an optional creative activity (craft or personal growth), and a reflection question to ponder post-session. All activities are optional – if you want to just come hang out and chat, that’s cool, too! The theme for the coming weeks will be shared on the Verve blog, in the Connect with Verve newsletter and on social media (@VerveLeadership on facebook and Instagram).

These events are on HOLD. Express interest to re-instate!

Every Wednesday evening from 8-9pm ET/5-6pm PT via Zoom. Registration required. Come weekly, come monthly, come whenever you can!.

Price: FREE

Sample Activities include:

  • Making mini books
  • Energy management
  • Funky containers
  • Watercolor doodling
  • Life Design
  • Easy embroidery
  • …or bring whatever you are working on or want to explore!


  • Kids/pets are welcome to pop-up in background; older/mature kids can even participate!

A Me day crafted just for You…

Some times you can’t wait around for a real vacation. You just need to take a personal day, but you want it to be meaningful, rejuvenating and real. Instead of letting a precious and much needed PTO day pass you by, wouldn’t you rather:

  • Get re-energized with creative activities that will give you clarity about your next steps
  • Try out art-therapy inspired craft ideas that clear your mind
  • Learn techniques for creating meaningful me time moments
  • Connect with other like minded women and share experiences
  • Have open time to journal, sketch, create


The Meaningful Me Time Mini Retreat will be held via Zoom. Presence on video is requested, but not required

2020 Dates:

May 8, July 17, Sept 4

The morning and afternoon sessions will have different content, and will both be balanced with creative and reflective activities.

  • Morning Session (11-1pm ET / 8-10am PT)
  • BREAK 1-3pm ET/10-12pm PT
  • Afternoon Session (3pm-5pm ET / 12-2pm PT)


  • $300 for full day, which includes all modules and an optional 45 minute coaching conversation to be scheduled at your convenience.
  • $150 for half day, which includes 2 modules and an optional 30 minute coaching conversation to be scheduled at your convenience.

Mini Retreat Testimonial

Lauren’s leadership in helping women creatively nurture the whole self is unparalleled. Her recent workshop helped me identify a common theme of joy in the midst of deep uncertainty, which has directed my approach to other parts of my life: career, parenting, and personal growth. I have loved implementing some of the techniques I learned in Lauren’s workshop as an outlet to focus during my work day. Two of my kids who were with me during the event have even started implementing intentional doodling as part of their approach to focusing during school Zoom calls! I’m looking forward to joining future workshops, and can’t wait to attend the Creating Space Retreat in the fall!

-LZ, Senior Project Manager, mother of 4


  • Kids are welcome to pop-up in background; older/mature kids can even participate!
  • Handouts for all sessions provided to all attendees, so don’t worry if you have to pop in and out

Ready to do this???

If you are all in, reserve your spot today!

If you want more information before you make a decision, let’s talk!

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“An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly

-Unknown wise person

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