Verve Model



Co-Active Coaching

Verve Leadership utilizes the Co-Active coaching model when working with clients, regardless of the questions or concerns they are bringing to the coaching session.  Co-Active Model allows both the client and the coach to be responsible for the client’s growth, by fully committing to the coaching relationship.

Verve Worksheets

Custom designed exercises, activities, and creative prompts that allow clients to extend their coaching between sessions.  The exercises are sometimes introduced as part of the coaching conversation, or are provided to clients to complete after the session.  Emphasis is placed on creativity and visual thinking, to get thoughts out of head and expressed in a creative outlet.

Leadership Circle

A powerful tool for emerging and established leaders, this 360-degree feedback assessment not only provides consolidated feedback from your peers, but also gives insights as to how these opinions are helping or hurting your leadership contributions.

Your coach will provide you access to the assessment, and provide an overview of your results, and how to leverage the feedback into creating or redefining your leadership style.

For more information about the Leadership Circle Profile, please visit:

Career Leader 

A thorough assessment of what motivates you, environments where you thrive, and identifying skills that you possess, the Career Leader provides insights around which career paths, industries and environments are conducive to your success and fulfillment at work, and beyond.

Your coach will provide you access to the assessment, discuss your results, and help you create a personalized plan for integrating the concepts into your life.

Learn more about Career Leader:

Personality Type discussion

StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, and Enneagram are all tools for assessing your personal strengths, intrinsic sensibilities, and ways of operating in the world.  Having language to describe your personal style, and becoming familiar with the benefits and challenges associated with your “type” can help you to improve relationships, and get more clear on getting in alignment into your fullest self.

Your coach will discuss your results with you, and help you find a deeper meaning for how they show up in your life, the impacts that they have, and how you can utilize the results to become more powerful in various aspects of your life.

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