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Why coaching? Coaching is a powerful way to have support and accountability in achieving a goal. It’s having an impartial, inquisitive partner on your side to brainstorm, plan, challenge you and celebrate your successes. 

Who do I work with? As a creative myself, I really love working with small business owners in the creative fields. I often find that small business owners are so focused on managing their businesses that they may not pay as much attention to leading their businesses and growing their personal leadership skills, like empathy, time management, or self-awareness. Moreover, I find people getting so absorbed in the business that they lose their sense of self. I love supporting people and organizations in being more holistic in their approach to business. 

Why do people choose to work with me?I trained, certified and credentialed in coaching, with more than 15 years experience working with individuals and teams. I am seen as warm and inviting, a safe space for deep reflection. I ask hard questions in a gentle way, and I am fully invested in my client’s success.  

How do I get started? I always offer complimentary exploration sessions for clients where we discuss their interest in coaching and assess fit. I offer 3 and 6 month engagements, as well as shorter packages featuring assessments focused on self-awareness and personal productivity. I’m happy to offer a 20% discount to CIA members and affiliates for these services.  I am also hosting a retreat in the Fall of 2021. See below for more details

Where can I see you in action? Craft Industry Alliance Members can access the webinar on Inclusive Leadership on the Craft Industry Alliance membership page. Additionally, my YouTube channel features my podcast episodes, craft demos, and self-coaching exercises. I also conduct periodic online webinars and workshops which I share on this site or via my newsletter.

Where can I connect with you? I’m @VerveLeadership on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for my ~bi-weekly Connect With Verve newsletter, and read past issues on my blog. You can view my craft explorations on Instagram @NerdyQuilty.


Engage in personalized, customized coaching that is focused on your agenda and needs.


Get away for some creative thinking, socializing and play! October 21-24, 2021 in Sanibel, Florida.


Podcasts, blogs, coaching videos and more!

“I am a coaching newbie and an instant convert – Lauren’s approach is nuanced, probing, attentive, and focused… I am grateful for her guidance, professionalism, necessary tough love, and support. Lauren has more than proved her value as a confidant and counselor.”

-Jennifer, Architect and professor

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