Connect with Verve Newsletter 7.11.2020

Plant seeds, take action
I’m celebrating!
  Because these days, the simplest joys, the smallest accomplishments and the most basic wins all deserve a lot of fan fare!  I’m celebrating this fourth Connect with Vervenewsletter going out “on time”, I’m celebrating my first successful week doing Whole 30, and I’m celebrating taking some bold moves in asking for business and the resulting impact I’ve been able to have on individuals and communities.  Each of these celebrations is the result of setting intentions days, weeks, months ago, and committing to daily action to make them real.  I’m building the muscle of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities as they arise, saying ‘yes’ to my body and what it needs, saying ‘yes’ to my heart’s whimsical wishes.  And not just ‘yes’ but YES!!!!!!!!!!
Coaching Reflection Question
“Keep planning new seeds until your mind becomes the earth that gives birth to new worlds.” — Curtis Tyrone Jones

What ideas and visions can you plant seeds for today such that they may manifest and unfold?

Resources: Lead with Verve
Plant a seed with me
One of the greatest takeaways from the Meaningful Me Time moments series we just completed was the community we created.  In this time of uncertainty, with no end in sight, it was so helpful to know that every Wednesday night, I could find respite in this group of phenomenal women who were experiencing so many of the same feelings and challenges as me.  We vented, we found the hilarity in our situations, we supported and encouraged each other.  I want to build on this and I’d like your help in co-creating an experience that would serve you and fill you and give you what you need in this chaotic time and beyond.

Please take a moment to complete this 5-minute survey and share your ideas for building a vibrant Verve community, regardless of your involvement thus far.  The questions range from format to timing to content, and your answers will help me get a sense of what you have energy for right now and what works for you.

My keyword this past year has been “CREATING SPACE” – creating a space for conversation, for creative expression, for dreaming and scheming.  It would be my honor to create a space for you to step in to where you can be wildly and unabashedly YOU and be seen and celebrated for it.

Complete “Co-Design the Future of Verve” Survey

***Psst:  If you recently participated in the Meaningful Me Time Moments gatherings, please use this version of the survey.  Thanks!****

As a thank you, I am happy to offer you this complementary “Do Be Have Know” worksheet to use as you vision what what you want to DO with you life, how you want to BE in the world, what you want to HAVE access to on a regular basis and what you want to KNOW as you do your life’s work.

Resources: Create with Verve
This month’s podcast is SO EXCITING.  I am thrilled to share the first of a two part conversation with mixed media artist and mom Mou Saha.  Mou has one of the most fascinating artist origin stories that I have ever heard.  What resounds for me from doing this interview is the powerful role that gratitude has played in her life, and the full transparency with which she communicates her blessings and the dedication she has to commemorating them.  She is exemplary at bringing forward mindfulness into creativity in the way she observes and honors common everyday items and revels in their beauty.  She is such a wonderful spirit and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

You can find the first part of this podcast episode, as well as all the previous ones at and you can follow Mou at or on social media @Mou.Saha.Studio.

Mou just released a new course for Creativebug called Daily Observations: Drawing Objects From Life, which I’m taking right now and loving!  You can see a preview of her Daily Creative Practice of Gratitude course, and other examples of her work on her YouTube channel.  If you are thinking of signing up for a Creativebug membership, let me know before you do, as I have a ton of recommendations!

Join me for the next Meaningful Me Time Moments Mini-Retreat on July 17. 
You know you aren’t going to use all your PTO this year.  Don’t let it go to waste!  Take a purposeful day or afternoon off to connect with other like-hearted women who, like you, yearn for space to nurture their creative souls and take time away from all the chaos.
Beat the burnout and take some time for yourself!!!

During this half day gathering, you will reflect, reconnect and rejuvenate through creative mindfulness.
Learn more and register now

Spaces are also still available for the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.  Please visit for more info.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership
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Connect with Verve Newsletter – 6.27.2020

Re-assessing the situation
Change has been a big theme the past couple weeks/months/years, not only in my life, but in the lives of my clients, as well.  About a year ago at this time, we were packing up the last of our boxes to complete our move from Pittsburgh, PA to Fort Myers, FL.  It was a new adventure, a fresh start, where everything was possible.  (Check out the Verve Podcast episodes where I share my thoughts and feelings of our New Beginnings and Next Phase).  While the boxes have long been unpacked, after I send out this letter, I have plans to do yet another purge, clean and refresh of our space –  letting go of the old and making room for what ‘sparks joy’, as we now say. (If you haven’t watched Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Netflix, add it to your binge watch list today!) 

Because the need for things in our lives change, as our situations change.  In our move, we ‘right sized’ from a six bedroom house to a three bedroom townhome.  Of course, at the time we chose our accommodations, we had no idea shelter-in-place would be a thing!  Being home SO MUCH, I realize that the best way to keep this place clean and to stop the COMPLETE MADNESS of constantly tidying up is to NOT HAVE SO MUCH STUFF to have to tidy!  A discussion that the family has had in the past couple of days is that ‘everything needs to have a place‘.  I’m going to roll with that momentum, and instead of buying more furniture and storage, I first want to evaluate what we really need.  I have books galore, kitchen utensils and gadgets aplenty, more art supplies than you can shake a stick at (which shall be organized, but not purged, thank you very much).  In the darkness of shelter in place, online retail therapy has been my salve, and while I’ve brought in things that feel good and necessary for my life right now, I’m excited to do that ritual of releasing some of the things that aren’t serving me in this moment.

Shifting work life
For some of my clients, this re-assessment has taken a different look.  Shelter in place and working from home has highlighted cracks and gaps in their work/life balance.  They are starting to see that their work situations aren’t sustainable, or that the work they are doing is not worth the drama that is required.  Some are getting laid off and others are taking on increased responsibility as their companies are shifting agendas and priorities.  A few others are completely fed up with the corporate structure and are looking at ways to start up new initiatives and businesses to solve new problems that have surfaced as our new normal materializes.  With the super competitive job market ahead of us and all the opportunities that we may want to take advantage of, it is imperative that we all look at ways to upskill our talents and showcase value for our employers and customers.  Consider that now may be the exact right time for you to start exploring options for making a change in your own work life, whether it’s enhancing your leadership skillset, exploring a new career path or tackling that business plan you’ve been pondering.  With so much up in the air, I want you to be well poised for success when the dust settles.  Check out the Lead with Verve Resources section below for three ways that you can level up and master the game.

Coaching Reflection Question:
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? – Robert Schuller

Resources: Lead with Verve
Find the language that reflects your best YOU
Oftentimes, we know we want a change, but we don’t know where to begin.  I always advocate starting from within.  To paraphrase Oprah,  “what do you know to be true”?  About your passions, your truest self?  You KNOW how you were meant to spend your life energy, you’ve just forgotten, or chosen to bury it.  It’s calling you, pleading with you, and now is the time to listen… These resources will help you find language to give voice to that yearning.

1) The Career Leader (TM) assessment goes back to basics by naming the things that you are uniquely qualified to do and interested in doing.  You may very well have taken it in college, and believe it or not, it is just as relevant today.  Clients have found so much value in being reminded of core skill sets and seeing alternative applications in roles they might not otherwise have considered, which has enhanced their resume writing and expanded the pool of jobs they have considered tremendously. I’d like to offer you a chance to take the assessment and have a coaching debriefing session to create your own action plan. 
Explore your career options

2) Refreshing one’s resume can be an absolute pain in the you-know-what.  I, for one, have spent hours making micro adjustments to format and wordsmith my resume, only to preview it to a friend who tears it apart.  That was before I created my ODD BIO template.  In this worksheet, you move away from the confines of the resume template, and really assess what work life you really want.  The worksheet allows you to stop regurgitating old job descriptions and helps you essentially write the job description of your dreams.  You unlock what skills you have that you want to use in the future, and what work experiences have brought you pride and a sense of accomplishment that you’d like to replicate in the future.  Since using this worksheet, I, and several of my clients have revamped our resumes into simple, powerful, straightforward representations of our truest, most value-added desires and contributions, and have secured new positions to match.
Send me a free copy of the ODD BIO template

3) The Gallup StrengthsFinder is a tried and true way to take stock in your innate talents and turn them in to strengths.  While you may not refer to these talents explicitly in your resume writing, they can help shape the direction of your job search and allow you to share your abilities with extra confidence.  When you see yourself written so clearly on a page, as you do from the generated assessment report, it puts a little extra pep in your step!  You can take the Strengths Finder assessment online or purchase a book such as Now Discover Your Strengths from Gallup or StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath which will include online access codes.
*Note: Beware of buying hardcopy/possibly pre-used versions these titles, as the access codes can be disabled.
Schedule an assessment debrief and action planning session

Resources: Create with Verve
Creative community
We’ve had such an amazing 8 weeks of Meaningful Me Time Moments.  We’ve crafted handmade notebooks, visually mapped our changing identities post-motherhood, creatively processed emotions from BLM and COVID-19, and had some fun free-for-all making sessions.  Most of all we’ve made some beautiful and unexpected connections with like-hearted women from a variety of geographies (Venice CA to Melbourne, AU), life stages (new mothers to retirees), and backgrounds (law, real estate, human resources, and art history, to name a few).  The incredible DIVERSITY this group has showcased has been the biggest surprise and my greatest joy.  And yet it should not be a surprise to me because if coaching is my superpower, then diversity is my cape (?!)…it’s the thing that I wear, the thing that makes me, me.  One of my strengths is that I hold a container for multiple perspectives and points of view, and I am very good at connecting dots between seemingly divergent ideas — and people.  And this has been one of the best benefits of our time together.

A recent participant said it best:
“Yesterday’s Me Time Moments was such a gift to my soul. Meaningful conversation with some smart, interesting women about things that concern them AND seriously relate to the world now?! My jam. Thanks for creating this space for us!”

Selection of completed work from Meaningful Me Time Moments May 8 – July 1, 2020

Join us on July 1 for our LAST Meaningful Me Time Moments gathering, and SAVE THE DATE for the next Meaningful Me Time Moment Mini-Retreat on July 17. 
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Spaces are still available for the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership
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Connect with Verve Newsletter – 6.13.2020

Your most meaningful contribution

If there was one question that has summed up 2020 (and there are many, with ‘WTF?!’ being high on the list!), the one that I’ve encountered most has been: “What can I DO?

At first it was around the new year: “What can I do to make this the best year yet?”

Then came COVID-19: “What can I do to stay safe and keep my family healthy?”

Then came shelter in place: “What can I do to keep all these balls in the air, and keep my sanity?!?!”

And most recently…”What can I do to help end racism and inequality in this country?”

I, like all of you, have been stewing in these questions, especially the last one.  As I reflect, I am seeing that the answer is essentially the same to each question, and it is the one thing we often forget.  The answer to the universal question: “What can I do to leverage my skills, talents and abilities to make a difference?” To change the world, as cliche as it may be, “all” you need to do is look inside and do whatever you do best.  But now, you must do it louder, bolder and with greater intensity than ever before.

You know what your gift is.  Now go do it:  Teach.  Organize.  Lead.  Love.

Do it now, and with your whole heart.What I’m doingFor me, through all of this, I’m learning that Coaching is my superpower and it’s what I have to give.  And by leaning in to it, I’ve had conversations that have healed – both my clients and my self.  I’ve found strength, I’ve uncovered motivations, I’ve helped people find their way back to themselves through all the hurt and confusion and worry.  I’ve created safe spaces through my Meaningful Me Time Moments gatherings to build community and to create new possibilities.

I’m deepening my knowledge regarding inclusive leadership, and offering my services to new audiences who are seeking help processing their past and future role in the state of our country.  I’m leaning into what comes naturally and most importantly, I’m not judging myself or the validity of my contribution.  Now is not the time for second guessing ourselves.  Gather your data, do your research, then pick something and dig in.  Go big.  Be bold.  We need every ounce of talent you can muster.

Whatever your superpower is, now is the time to hone it and start spreading it generously.  Use your privilege, whatever may look like, to do good.  

And if you can’t/aren’t ready yet, that’s ok.  Keep pondering.  Keep processing.  Ask for help.  Get the support you need. Rest up.  Build up strength, because we will need you in the next wave. 

Each of us has capacity to handle great things, and I hope you know, for all the other communities you are part of, you will always have a place here with Verve, with me.  My door is open to you and I’m here to give you that boost you need to get out there and do your thing, the way only you can do.  You’ve got a community of amazing like-hearted souls, and I can’t wait to see what we do together.

Resources: Lead with Verve
Based on my comments above, here are a few thoughts of things you can do to Lead with Verve during these difficult times.

1) Come to a Meaningful Me Time Moments gathering to refuel and recharge.

2) Set up a complimentary 1:1 strategy session with me to craft your plan of action

3) Express your interest for future group/community events and co-create the community you crave

4) Keep engaging with the people around you. Now we are all increasing awareness, let’s turn that knowledge into action by calling out overt racism and microaggressions equally, and push each other to look at ways to build inclusiveness into our lives long term.

Resources: Create with Verve
Recharging with creativity

These last few months, creating has become my escape.  When I get my few moments of downtime in the day, I love to spend it coloring in coloring books.  Finding PencilStash tutorials on Youtube totally changed my approach and really inspired me to try out more colors, textures and details in my work.  I’ve had a lot of fun practicing shading and blending to bring my work to life in ways I never thought I could!  Check out her tutorials and let me know what you think. 

Coloring truly is such a simple way to calm down and take your mind off of the stresses of the day.  What’s more, you can use it as a way to transport yourself away from it all!  Some of my favorite coloring books feature scenes from quaint towns and villages, or cities from around the world, even underwater wonderlands.  To travel without moving, check out Eriy’s Romantic CountryTanya Bogema Stolova’s Nice Little Town seriesRosie Goodwin’s Splendid Cities, or Johanna Basford’s Inky Wonderlands.
Page from Happy coloring book dream room by Ida Chiaki

Meaningful Me Time Moments take place every Wednesday at 8pm ET/5pm PT through the end of June.  Come to all or whichever ones you can.
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If you want even MORE Me Time, be sure to check out the Meaningful Me Time Mini-Retreat (1/2 day virtual events in July and Sept 2020) or the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership
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Connect With Verve Newsletter – 5/31/20

It’s hard to imagine that Verve Leadership is six years old!  The inception story will always be close to my heart, because it coincides so closely with the birth of my daughter.  If you want to know how a weepy pregnant lady and an old bossa nova song led to the creation of my business name, you can read about it on my blog.

Verve has evolved a lot in the past few years, but it’s really taken a turn since last fall when I committed to exploring creativity + coaching, after I went on an artistic retreat to France.  In my time with Verve, I’ve conducted workshops, launched group coaching, worked with private clients, participated in professional development trainings, pursued certifications, achieved professional coach accreditation, and continued work with my own coaches.  Verve has grown with me, as I have grown into myself. 
And that growth has led to a newsletter!  I have Learner, Input, Intellection, Futuristic, and Connected in my top 5 Talent Themes, which means that I hoard new things to learn, then process them and make connections to how they can be applied in life designs – which works out pretty well for my clients!   I’ve amassed a huge collection of resources that I feel strongly could make a difference to creative leaders like you, and I wanted a forum to share them.  

About Connect with Verve Newsletter
What you can expect from me in the future is little love notes every other week (which will be a lot shorter than this one), where I will share ideas and resources that I think will support you as you explore your life design, as well as content I’ve created for you, such as podcast episodes featuring every day people doing extraordinary things, or video demos of my Verve Life Design worksheets or my latest adventures in creativity.  Just fun stuff that I hope will inspire you to create & make, to shift your mindset, or to try something new.  Of course you can opt-out any time, no hard feelings.  Just click the unsubscribe button at the end of the email.  Or you can share with a friend and pass on the creative goodness!  My goal is always to include something that will brighten your day and enrich your life.

Resources: Lead with Verve
Verve Leadership Podcast
I’m so excited to share the launch of my podcast!  I’ve had a blast recording these and I have a gazillion ideas for more.  The podcast focuses on life design, with interviews with amazing women from the Verve community, as well as reflections and observations from my experiences coaching over the years.  Episodes range from 15-60 minutes, but I strive to keep them to about 20 minutes — about the time it takes to complete a grocery store or school run. 

There are several episodes posted on my pod page, but I wanted to spotlight one recent one that I’m really excited about — Episode 4: Navigating Change with fellow coach Pamelia Robinson.  It’s such a good conversation on re-creating self and taking change into your own hands, which feels really relevant right now.

Upcoming episodes will feature artist, mother and amazing lady, Mou Saha, who teaches on Creative Bug and other platforms and who has a beautiful story about her unusual journey to becoming an artist.  We talk about identity and motherhood and the healing power of creativity. So good!  Additionally, I’ll discuss the importance of taking a creative pause and how it can impact health, happiness and productivity.  Stay tuned!

Resources: Create with Verve
Meaningful Me Time Moments
I don’t know about you, but the world feels like it’s in a bit of a tailspin recently.  From George Flyod to COVID-19 to the rigors of every day life, things are crazier than ever.  We’ve been grinding so hard taking care of our families, trying to get our work done, trying to just keep it all together.  We can’t sustain this level of worry and stress and grief without some release.  Taking time for ourselves to decompress, to breathe, to process may feel impossible, but I encourage you to make it a priority.  Start small and join me on  Wednesday evenings for a little rejuvenation, conversation, and creation that will shift your perspective and offer you a respite from the storm. 

So far we have made handmade books and done an identity collage.  This week we will explore doodle mantras that help us express our inner thoughts.  In future sessions we will play with simple stitching, mindful watercolor and ModPodge creations…hurray!  Just little projects to explore and experiment and see what happens!

Meaningful Me Time Moments take place every Wednesday at 8pm ET/5pm PT.
Register now

If you want even MORE Me Time, be sure to check out the Meaningful Me Time Mini-Retreat (1/2 day virtual events in July and Sept 2020) or the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.

Thanks for reading to the end 😉  Let me know what you think of this format, and any thing you’d like me to cover or include.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Why Verve?

It’s hard to imagine that Verve Leadership is five years old!  The inception story is close to my heart, because it coincides so closely with the birth of my daughter.  I remember being 9 months pregnant, on the phone with the Department of State of Pennsylvania, near tears because my application to register my business name had been rejected.  I was hosting my first workshop in a formal company setting and I needed to have a formal business name to go along with the engagement — and DIVA Inc Coaching, the working title for my private practice, wasn’t it!  I was under a lot of pressure to get everything squared away before the baby came, and I was in no mood to think of a new business name on the fly.  It had to be something personal, something that invoked action and excitement, something that represented the flair and passion that I believe is lacking in leadership today.  An image flashed in my mind of an old record label that was emblazoned on the back of several CD cases in my father’s collection. Billie Holiday. Stan Getz. Astrud Gilberto. Ella Fitzgerald.  Music that soothed my soul and made me feel worldly and sophisticated and connected to something so much bigger than myself.  “Verve!” I shouted.  “Is Verve Leadership available?”  It was, and so I became.

A lot has changed with Verve in the last five years.  I’ve conducted workshops, launched group coaching, worked with private clients, participated in trainings, pursued certifications, achieved professional coach accreditation, continued work with my own coach.  Verve has grown with me, as I have grown into myself. 

One of the most notable changes as been my commitment to bring creativity into my coaching and into my own life.  It has grounded me and stretched me and allowed me to express myself in ways that were at once uncomfortable and freeing.  Committing to my passion for art and creativity has been one of the greatest gifts of my life, and I aspire to share that with my clients — not so much by enticing them to do art, but rather to inspire them to create whatever their hearts desire and to commit to doing that thing that brings them joy, no matter what form it takes. 

What is uncanny is that years later, I looked up the actual definition of “verve”, and this is what I found: 

verve noun \ ˈvərv  \

1a: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : VIVACITYb: ENERGYVITALITY

2 archaic : special ability or talent

Chills.  I didn’t know that my inclination towards creativity and art and leadership would be so well captured within a word that had lived within my heart for so many years.  It was meant to be.

One of the most notable changes as been my commitment to bring creativity into my coaching and into my own life.  It has grounded me and stretched me and allowed me to express myself in ways that were at once uncomfortable and freeing.  Committing to my passion for art and creativity has been one of the greatest gifts of my life, and I aspire to share that with my clients — not so much by enticing them to do art, but rather to inspire them to create whatever their hearts desire and to commit to doing that thing that brings them joy, no matter what form it takes.

What’s in this for you?

Here in the throes of COVID-19, we are all reading so much about self-care, about productivity, about deaths and masks and staying safe and the economy.  As with most things, there are two ways to play this — negative or positive.  Succumb to the fear or embrace the change.  It’s a battle, but each day, I’m trying to embrace what’s good, find the gratitude, make the most of it.  I’m sleeping more (not necessarily better, but more), I’m cherishing the number of times a day I get to look over at my daughter and say “I love you”.  I’m focusing on the essentials at work, getting really clear on distinguishing impact vs busy work.  I’m journaling A LOT, retreating to my happy place (creating) as much as I can.  I’m doing what *I* need to do to ‘survive’, for lack of a better phrase.  I know I have extreme privilege in my life, and I am owning that and being grateful for it, too.  
So many companies and businesses are putting out courses and webinars, offers and products to try to serve their audience in this difficult time.  That’s wonderful, but it’s also a lot to absorb. There is just so much noise out there, so many calls to stay connected, stay engaged. But for me, there is only one thing I know how to do right now, and that is to *be with*.  To be with my emotions, to be with my loved ones, to be with this unusual circumstance.

My reflection on *being with*:

  • Do as little as possible.  
  • Don’t try to be a hero.  Release from the pressure to go above and beyond.
  • Let go of the guilt for not being able to do it all.
  • Set mental and physical boundaries, as needed, and stick to them.
  • Fight for time to yourself.
  • Remind yourself that you are not alone.  Anything you feel, someone else is guaranteed to be feeling it, too.
  • Sleep. Rest. Stop.
  • Ask for help. Seek connection, support, community. 
  • Be authentic to who you are.  If you hear a call, answer it, random as it may be.  You may be called to volunteer, you may be called to crawl under the covers. Both are legit.  Give yourself permission to follow your instinct.
  • Create a space for yourself to process – a journal, a trusted relationship, a therapist or coach.
  • If/when appropriate, think about one small thing that would purposeful structure to these long days — ex. finishing a book, starting/finishing a piece of artwork, organizing your closet, taking an online class, establishing a meditation or exercise routine.  Something you’ve always wished you had time to do.
  • Be with your emotions.  Express them, don’t bury them. 

Most importantly, be present.  Oh it’s the greatest challenge of it all.  But is soooo important.  Maybe you’ve seen this sentiment floating around the interwebs…We are in such a hurry to get back to normal…but are we sure that the old normal is what we really want to get back to???  What is good about this upset to our routines?  What has surprised you?  What are things that you don’t miss at all??  Seek out the things in this wacky existence that you want to maintain and make part of your new normal.

I’m curious – what do you need right now?  What is top of mind for you?

I truly believe we can come out of this changed in amazingly positive and profound ways.  We just have to find what is in it for us.

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Talking about Verve on the WifeMotherLeader podcast

I recently had a wonderful kismet moment with a new friend that showed me the power of networks and communities. Donielle Buie and I connected a few years ago after I saw a post about her on the Black@Stanford Alumni facebook page. The post was celebrating the launch of her new show, the WifeMotherLeader podcast. The topic was really relevant to me as I was recently married, embarking on motherhood for the first time, and had just started a new role at work. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to manage all my new responsibilities, and I was really hopeful that Donielle would give me some good perspective. She did. I listened to the first few episodes back to back and knew I had found a new companion guide for my situation.

As a side hustler and aspirational podcaster, I took a leap and reached out to Donielle to tell her how much I appreciated her voice and perspective, and asked if she’d be interested in staying touch to see how we could support each other. It turns out that our friendship networks overlapped through the alumni community, but also in other professional endeavors — after speaking with her a couple times, I was tickled to find that I had one of her business cards from a conference we had both attended years before. We hit it off, but had neglected to stay in touch, as happens so often. So funny how you never know what the universe has in store for you, how it puts people in your path, and keeps on trying until you listen!

We stayed in touch over the years, through job changes and babies, and through the various iterations of our respective business plans. Even when we didn’t speak for awhile, it was easy to pick up again on the next call, sharing advice and ideas, and promises to find ways to work together. Until this fall, when the time was right and we were both ready at the same time. Donielle invited me to be a guest on her show focusing on careers. She thought her listeners would appreciate my unique take on life design and bringing more creativity and fun into the personal and professional development space.

Listen Now

During the interview we talked about common mistakes people make when thinking about their careers, how to apply life design to careers, and what to do when faced with resistance from employers or partners. It was a great conversation, and I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with the WifeMotherLeader community. What’s more, it was really validating to see how authentic connections can manifest in partnership. I’m certain this is just the first of many collaborations between WifeMotherLeader and Verve Leadership!

So be sure to check out the episode, and when you do, give me a call! I’m offering a complementary Life Design session to WifeMotherLeader listeners. Sign up now!

The Art of Making It

When it comes to figuring out your dream, it’s important to understand where your creativity comes from because the two are interconnected. Having a way to get out of your head and into your heart is the only way one can realize their dreams, whether the dream start a business, have a relationship or something else that is personal to you.

Drawing, painting, stitching, journalling…These are all things that we can do on a daily basis to open our hearts open our minds and connect to our deepest selves in a way that will allow us to achieve anything we can imagine. I first started to realize this after going on a creative retreat in south of France. The trip in another itself was a dream come true but what happened after is what changed my life forever. On that trip for 10 days I was immersed in the world of creating making building using my hands in a way that I’ve never done before for such an extended amount of time being at such peace with myself and my surroundings with my hopes and desires set me on a path to change the way I was living.

Since that trip, I make every day. Sometimes just a few strokes on a coloring page, other days full paintings in art class, which I signed up for post haste!. Making has become a priority, my own personal meditation, a way for me to rejuvenate and decompress and reconnect with my self. In the midst of incredible turbulence in my personal and professional life, it brings me peace and grounding. And from that place, I create my future; I realize my dreams; I have the faith, confidence and energy to persevere..

I wish this kind of transformation for everyone!