Group Coaching

For Organizations Interested in Group Coaching:

Download our Summary PDF for a listing group coaching workshops and sessions.  Ideal for employee resource groups, professional networking associations, or other teams engaging in leadership development.

For Individuals Interested in Group Coaching:

Group coaching is a fantastic way to share experiences and learning with other individuals who are in a similar mindspace as you.  Whether you choose to dive head first into conversation, or if you prefer to sit back and listen to what others have to say, being a part of this dynamic community will help you to see your situation in a new light, and move you forward into action.  It is also an easy and cost effective way to get a sense of what coaching is like before signing up for a 1:1 coaching engagement.

Verve Leadership offers a 6 session virtual group coaching series that overviews the core elements of the Verve Model, and gives you actionable tools and activities to bring out these elements in your life.  Learn and grow through guided activities and thought provoking dialogue.

Throughout the sessions, you will:

  • Receive thoughtful questions to consider and reflect upon, both individually and through conversation
  • Engage in activities that ignite your creativity and shift your perspective
  • Learn techniques and tools to help you remove obstacles and move forward in your life
  • Receive personalized coaching on topics that are meaningful to you
  • Share experiences with a community of like-minded individuals, and expand your network

A core agenda frames the discussion, but no two series will be the same given the unique contributions of each group member.

Contact leadwithverve [at] gmail or call us to learn about upcoming sessions.


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