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Connect with Verve Newsletter 8.23.2020

So many fun things to tell you!

It brings me so much joy to use this newsletter to share the fun things I’m exploring and the interesting conversations I’m having (sometimes with others, sometimes with myself)!  I have so many things to tell you!!!  Your feedback and encouragement has been so appreciated, and motivates me to continue on.  That said, my initial format has been getting a little long.  And now that I’m ramping up on podcasts and video posts, I’m feeling a need to better balance my efforts to make quality content.  

So, I’m switching things up a little this issue, and for future issues.  This issue is free-for-all of little nuggets I hope will intrigue and inspire you.  I ADORE curating resources and tidbits that I think you will love as much as I do.  Starting in the next issue, you will see me alternating the Resources sections:

  • The first issue of the month will focus on Lead with Verve – resources for personal and professional leadership development
  • The second issue of the month will be focused on Create with Verve – resources for exploring creativity for personal growth and mindfulness

I hope this new format will serve us both by being more streamlined and focused, and thus more impactful.

And now, on to the goodies!!!

Coaching Reflection Question

“Though it may feel otherwise, enjoying life is no more dangerous than apprehending it with continuous anxiety and gloom.” ― Alain de Botton, author of Art As Therapy

How might you take something that is currently causing you worry, and reframe it in a positive light?  Where could you take something you dread and tweak it to be something positive?  Since you get to choose, where might you choose joy?

Something for everyone

New Podcast Episode: Making Bold Moves with Shannon Gillman Orr of Eva Blake’s Makery

I am having so much fun using the podcast as a platform for talking to artists, creatives, thought leaders and every day women doing extraordinary things as they navigate work, relationships, family and self-care.  This month’s podcast came to life when I responded to the courageous and intriguing newsletter of a designer, Shannon Gillman Orr of Eva B Makery, that I’ve been following for several years.  We got to chatting and one thing led to another and here she is, telling her story to all of you!  

I’m a sucker for a mom-turned-entrepreneur story, especially when that story starts with a baby quilt!  We didn’t get to cover it on the pod, but Shannon’s origin story is so telling — it captures her perseverance, resourcefulness and creativity so well.  Like many of us, Shannon learned to quilt when she decided to make a quilt for her first born.  Not knowing the first thing about sewing, she lobbied a lady a church to teach her.  After much persuading, the woman agreed and after seeing her fortitude and success after much trial and error, she casually suggested that Shannon try her hand at fabric designing.  Most of Shannon’s art to that point had been geared towards architecture, but she was familiar with art and design, so she gave it a try, and it landed her as a designer for one of the hottest brands in the textile biz, Moda Fabrics.  Shannon’s story snowballs from there, and I know you will get such a kick out of hearing herwinding road to owning her own business and producing her art on her terms!  And she’s now bundled her learnings and packaged them so that we can benefit from her knowledge.  Check out for info about Shannon’s courses in Color Theory, Bold Business Building and establishing a daily creative practice, as well as her amazing limited edition fabric, stationary and decor, and check out our conversation, too!

What the World Needs: Putting Your Gifts to Work at Work

There is nothing better than a full circle moment.  Thirteen years after I starting my first major corporate job, I am conducting a career development workshop with the woman who hired me.  How gorgeous is that?  I adored Kristin from the first moment I met her, and will forever be grateful for the opportunity she provided me and the faith she had in me, and am delighted we’ve stayed in such good contact over the years.  

Come to our workshop to learn how to zero in on what matters most to you as you plan for the next stage of your career, and how to bring more meaning into your work, whether you choose to deepen your experience with your current employer or expand your horizons to look for other opportunities. Our intention is to guide you from ideation to a game plan during our time together.

Career Workshop
September 17, 2020
12-1:30pm ET / 9-10:30am PT

Be impeccable with your word

One of the Four Agreements that Don Miguel Ruiz advocates is to Be Impeccable with Your Word – to honor your commitments to yourself and others.  It is nearly impossible to do that without having an aligned mindset, structure and system.  I‘ve tried a lot of time management tools over time, but none has been as impactful, holistic, or fun than my Passion Planner.  I believe in this system so much, I applied to be a Passion Planner Ambassador, and I just found out I was one of the 500 people accepted into the program this year.

The system works so perfectly with my practices of Essentialism and Life Design, it is the perfect complement to my coaching.  Each one of my new clients will receive a Passion Planner of their choice when they enroll with me, and YOU can receive 10% your purchase at by using code LAURENL10 at checkout. 

Get your Creativity On!

You are more creative than you think

Since my last newsletter when I self-soothed by venting about my art supply addiction, I have bought, yes, more art supplies.  Most recently, INK!  InkCredible Inks from Jane Davenport, ink stamp pads from Michael’s and a rubber stamp carving kit on Amazon.  What had happened was…the ink pads were on sale, and then I couldn’t find any stamps I liked, and then one of the mom’s in my craft group suggested I make my own, and one thing led to another…The inking seed was planted when I watched Lisa Congdon’s Inktober Challenge earlier this year, and I’d also been following Jen Hewett’s screen printing awesomess and it all kinda caught up with me.  I’m excited to do some carving this weekend with Josie.  Check me out @NerdyQuilty on Instagram to see what we make!

If you are looking for some creative inspiration, try out a course on CreativeBug!  Anything you’ve been curious to try, they have a class for it.  I especially love the Daily Challenges.  Membership is under $10 per month after the two month free trial!  You can’t beat that!

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership

Copyright © 2020 Verve Leadership, All rights reserved.

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