What’s in this for you?

Here in the throes of COVID-19, we are all reading so much about self-care, about productivity, about deaths and masks and staying safe and the economy.  As with most things, there are two ways to play this — negative or positive.  Succumb to the fear or embrace the change.  It’s a battle, but each day, I’m trying to embrace what’s good, find the gratitude, make the most of it.  I’m sleeping more (not necessarily better, but more), I’m cherishing the number of times a day I get to look over at my daughter and say “I love you”.  I’m focusing on the essentials at work, getting really clear on distinguishing impact vs busy work.  I’m journaling A LOT, retreating to my happy place (creating) as much as I can.  I’m doing what *I* need to do to ‘survive’, for lack of a better phrase.  I know I have extreme privilege in my life, and I am owning that and being grateful for it, too.  
So many companies and businesses are putting out courses and webinars, offers and products to try to serve their audience in this difficult time.  That’s wonderful, but it’s also a lot to absorb. There is just so much noise out there, so many calls to stay connected, stay engaged. But for me, there is only one thing I know how to do right now, and that is to *be with*.  To be with my emotions, to be with my loved ones, to be with this unusual circumstance.

My reflection on *being with*:

  • Do as little as possible.  
  • Don’t try to be a hero.  Release from the pressure to go above and beyond.
  • Let go of the guilt for not being able to do it all.
  • Set mental and physical boundaries, as needed, and stick to them.
  • Fight for time to yourself.
  • Remind yourself that you are not alone.  Anything you feel, someone else is guaranteed to be feeling it, too.
  • Sleep. Rest. Stop.
  • Ask for help. Seek connection, support, community. 
  • Be authentic to who you are.  If you hear a call, answer it, random as it may be.  You may be called to volunteer, you may be called to crawl under the covers. Both are legit.  Give yourself permission to follow your instinct.
  • Create a space for yourself to process – a journal, a trusted relationship, a therapist or coach.
  • If/when appropriate, think about one small thing that would purposeful structure to these long days — ex. finishing a book, starting/finishing a piece of artwork, organizing your closet, taking an online class, establishing a meditation or exercise routine.  Something you’ve always wished you had time to do.
  • Be with your emotions.  Express them, don’t bury them. 

Most importantly, be present.  Oh it’s the greatest challenge of it all.  But is soooo important.  Maybe you’ve seen this sentiment floating around the interwebs…We are in such a hurry to get back to normal…but are we sure that the old normal is what we really want to get back to???  What is good about this upset to our routines?  What has surprised you?  What are things that you don’t miss at all??  Seek out the things in this wacky existence that you want to maintain and make part of your new normal.

I’m curious – what do you need right now?  What is top of mind for you?

I truly believe we can come out of this changed in amazingly positive and profound ways.  We just have to find what is in it for us.

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