Plant seeds, take action

Connect with Verve Newsletter 7.11.2020I’m celebrating!  Because these days, the simplest joys, the smallest accomplishments and the most basic wins all deserve a lot of fan fare!  I’m celebrating this fourth Connect with Vervenewsletter going out “on time”, I’m celebrating my first successful week doing Whole 30, and I’m celebrating taking some bold moves in asking for business and theContinue reading “Plant seeds, take action”

Your Most Meaningful Contribution

Connect with Verve Newsletter – 6.13.2020 If there was one question that has summed up 2020 (and there are many, with ‘WTF?!’ being high on the list!), the one that I’ve encountered most has been: “What can I DO?“ At first it was around the new year: “What can I do to make this the bestContinue reading “Your Most Meaningful Contribution”

Connect With Verve Newsletter – 5/31/20

It’s hard to imagine that Verve Leadership is six years old!  The inception story will always be close to my heart, because it coincides so closely with the birth of my daughter.  If you want to know how a weepy pregnant lady and an old bossa nova song led to the creation of my businessContinue reading “Connect With Verve Newsletter – 5/31/20”

What’s in this for you?

Here in the throes of COVID-19, we are all reading so much about self-care, about productivity, about deaths and masks and staying safe and the economy.  As with most things, there are two ways to play this — negative or positive.  Succumb to the fear or embrace the change.  It’s a battle, but each day,Continue reading “What’s in this for you?”

Talking about Verve on the WifeMotherLeader podcast

I recently had a wonderful kismet moment with a new friend that showed me the power of networks and communities. Donielle Buie and I connected a few years ago after I saw a post about her on the Black@Stanford Alumni facebook page. The post was celebrating the launch of her new show, the WifeMotherLeader podcast.Continue reading “Talking about Verve on the WifeMotherLeader podcast”

The Art of Making It

When it comes to figuring out your dream, it’s important to understand where your creativity comes from because the two are interconnected. Having a way to get out of your head and into your heart is the only way one can realize their dreams, whether the dream start a business, have a relationship or somethingContinue reading “The Art of Making It”