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Connect with Verve Newsletter – 6.13.2020

If there was one question that has summed up 2020 (and there are many, with ‘WTF?!’ being high on the list!), the one that I’ve encountered most has been: “What can I DO?

At first it was around the new year: “What can I do to make this the best year yet?”

Then came COVID-19: “What can I do to stay safe and keep my family healthy?”

Then came shelter in place: “What can I do to keep all these balls in the air, and keep my sanity?!?!”

And most recently…”What can I do to help end racism and inequality in this country?”

I, like all of you, have been stewing in these questions, especially the last one.  As I reflect, I am seeing that the answer is essentially the same to each question, and it is the one thing we often forget.  The answer to the universal question: “What can I do to leverage my skills, talents and abilities to make a difference?” To change the world, as cliche as it may be, “all” you need to do is look inside and do whatever you do best.  But now, you must do it louder, bolder and with greater intensity than ever before.

You know what your gift is.  Now go do it:  Teach.  Organize.  Lead.  Love.

Do it now, and with your whole heart.What I’m doingFor me, through all of this, I’m learning that Coaching is my superpower and it’s what I have to give.  And by leaning in to it, I’ve had conversations that have healed – both my clients and my self.  I’ve found strength, I’ve uncovered motivations, I’ve helped people find their way back to themselves through all the hurt and confusion and worry.  I’ve created safe spaces through my Meaningful Me Time Moments gatherings to build community and to create new possibilities.

I’m deepening my knowledge regarding inclusive leadership, and offering my services to new audiences who are seeking help processing their past and future role in the state of our country.  I’m leaning into what comes naturally and most importantly, I’m not judging myself or the validity of my contribution.  Now is not the time for second guessing ourselves.  Gather your data, do your research, then pick something and dig in.  Go big.  Be bold.  We need every ounce of talent you can muster.

Whatever your superpower is, now is the time to hone it and start spreading it generously.  Use your privilege, whatever may look like, to do good.  

And if you can’t/aren’t ready yet, that’s ok.  Keep pondering.  Keep processing.  Ask for help.  Get the support you need. Rest up.  Build up strength, because we will need you in the next wave. 

Each of us has capacity to handle great things, and I hope you know, for all the other communities you are part of, you will always have a place here with Verve, with me.  My door is open to you and I’m here to give you that boost you need to get out there and do your thing, the way only you can do.  You’ve got a community of amazing like-hearted souls, and I can’t wait to see what we do together.

Resources: Lead with Verve
Based on my comments above, here are a few thoughts of things you can do to Lead with Verve during these difficult times.

1) Come to a Meaningful Me Time Moments gathering to refuel and recharge.

2) Set up a complimentary 1:1 strategy session with me to craft your plan of action

3) Express your interest for future group/community events and co-create the community you crave

4) Keep engaging with the people around you. Now we are all increasing awareness, let’s turn that knowledge into action by calling out overt racism and microaggressions equally, and push each other to look at ways to build inclusiveness into our lives long term.

Resources: Create with Verve
Recharging with creativity

These last few months, creating has become my escape.  When I get my few moments of downtime in the day, I love to spend it coloring in coloring books.  Finding PencilStash tutorials on Youtube totally changed my approach and really inspired me to try out more colors, textures and details in my work.  I’ve had a lot of fun practicing shading and blending to bring my work to life in ways I never thought I could!  Check out her tutorials and let me know what you think. 

Coloring truly is such a simple way to calm down and take your mind off of the stresses of the day.  What’s more, you can use it as a way to transport yourself away from it all!  Some of my favorite coloring books feature scenes from quaint towns and villages, or cities from around the world, even underwater wonderlands.  To travel without moving, check out Eriy’s Romantic CountryTanya Bogema Stolova’s Nice Little Town seriesRosie Goodwin’s Splendid Cities, or Johanna Basford’s Inky Wonderlands.
Page from Happy coloring book dream room by Ida Chiaki

Meaningful Me Time Moments take place every Wednesday at 8pm ET/5pm PT through the end of June.  Come to all or whichever ones you can.
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If you want even MORE Me Time, be sure to check out the Meaningful Me Time Mini-Retreat (1/2 day virtual events in July and Sept 2020) or the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership
Copyright © 2020 Verve Leadership, All rights reserved.

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