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Connect with Verve Newsletter 7.11.2020

I’m celebrating!
  Because these days, the simplest joys, the smallest accomplishments and the most basic wins all deserve a lot of fan fare!  I’m celebrating this fourth Connect with Vervenewsletter going out “on time”, I’m celebrating my first successful week doing Whole 30, and I’m celebrating taking some bold moves in asking for business and the resulting impact I’ve been able to have on individuals and communities.  Each of these celebrations is the result of setting intentions days, weeks, months ago, and committing to daily action to make them real.  I’m building the muscle of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities as they arise, saying ‘yes’ to my body and what it needs, saying ‘yes’ to my heart’s whimsical wishes.  And not just ‘yes’ but YES!!!!!!!!!!
Coaching Reflection Question
“Keep planning new seeds until your mind becomes the earth that gives birth to new worlds.” — Curtis Tyrone Jones

What ideas and visions can you plant seeds for today such that they may manifest and unfold?

Resources: Lead with Verve
Plant a seed with me
One of the greatest takeaways from the Meaningful Me Time moments series we just completed was the community we created.  In this time of uncertainty, with no end in sight, it was so helpful to know that every Wednesday night, I could find respite in this group of phenomenal women who were experiencing so many of the same feelings and challenges as me.  We vented, we found the hilarity in our situations, we supported and encouraged each other.  I want to build on this and I’d like your help in co-creating an experience that would serve you and fill you and give you what you need in this chaotic time and beyond.

Please take a moment to complete this 5-minute survey and share your ideas for building a vibrant Verve community, regardless of your involvement thus far.  The questions range from format to timing to content, and your answers will help me get a sense of what you have energy for right now and what works for you.

My keyword this past year has been “CREATING SPACE” – creating a space for conversation, for creative expression, for dreaming and scheming.  It would be my honor to create a space for you to step in to where you can be wildly and unabashedly YOU and be seen and celebrated for it.

Complete “Co-Design the Future of Verve” Survey

***Psst:  If you recently participated in the Meaningful Me Time Moments gatherings, please use this version of the survey.  Thanks!****

As a thank you, I am happy to offer you this complementary “Do Be Have Know” worksheet to use as you vision what what you want to DO with you life, how you want to BE in the world, what you want to HAVE access to on a regular basis and what you want to KNOW as you do your life’s work.

Resources: Create with Verve
This month’s podcast is SO EXCITING.  I am thrilled to share the first of a two part conversation with mixed media artist and mom Mou Saha.  Mou has one of the most fascinating artist origin stories that I have ever heard.  What resounds for me from doing this interview is the powerful role that gratitude has played in her life, and the full transparency with which she communicates her blessings and the dedication she has to commemorating them.  She is exemplary at bringing forward mindfulness into creativity in the way she observes and honors common everyday items and revels in their beauty.  She is such a wonderful spirit and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

You can find the first part of this podcast episode, as well as all the previous ones at and you can follow Mou at or on social media @Mou.Saha.Studio.

Mou just released a new course for Creativebug called Daily Observations: Drawing Objects From Life, which I’m taking right now and loving!  You can see a preview of her Daily Creative Practice of Gratitude course, and other examples of her work on her YouTube channel.  If you are thinking of signing up for a Creativebug membership, let me know before you do, as I have a ton of recommendations!

Join me for the next Meaningful Me Time Moments Mini-Retreat on July 17. 
You know you aren’t going to use all your PTO this year.  Don’t let it go to waste!  Take a purposeful day or afternoon off to connect with other like-hearted women who, like you, yearn for space to nurture their creative souls and take time away from all the chaos.
Beat the burnout and take some time for yourself!!!

During this half day gathering, you will reflect, reconnect and rejuvenate through creative mindfulness.
Learn more and register now

Spaces are also still available for the three day in-person Creating Space Retreat in Sanibel, FL in October 2020.  Please visit for more info.

Til next time, be safe and be well,

Lauren Travis Lambrecht
Founder, Verve Leadership
510-239-3482Copyright © 2020 Verve Leadership, All rights reserved.

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